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Larauche Muriel Role of Sex Hormones and Sex Chromosomes in Mechanically-Induced Visceral Hyperalgesia in Mice Icon word
Lin Amanda Sexual Dimorphisms in HSP72-mediated Control of Mitochondrial Function and Insulin Sensitivity Icon word
zhou zhenqi Estrogen Receptor Alpha Protects Pancreatic Beta-cells from Apoptosis by Maintaining Autophagy and Suppressing Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Icon word
Sangkhae Veena Hepcidin-mediated iron restriction during pregnancy results in adverse pregnancy outcomes Icon word
Zhao Yali Morphological and physiological interactions between GnRH3 and hypocretin/orexin neuronal systems in zebrafish Icon word
Ackerman A. Lenore Identificaton of a Diverse Fungal Community ("Mycobiome”) in the Normal Female Human Lower Urinary Tract Icon word
Fejzo Marlena Exome Sequencing in Hyperemesis Gravidarum reveals association with stress-induced calcium channel (RYR2) Icon word
Payne Laura Relationships among menstrual pain, pain tolerance, and pain anxiety and disability in healthy girls and girls with dysmenorrhea Icon word
Phan Julia Abnormal Genetic Profile of Subcutaneous (SC) Adipose Stem Cells (ASCs) from Lean Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Women Icon word
Ross Kharah Indifferent partner relationships during pregnancy are related to lower Interleukin (IL)-13 in child’s cord blood at delivery Icon word
motayagheni Negar Intralipid rescues the heart against sudden cardiac arrest in female mice Icon word
Wadehra Madhuri ALDH and EMP2 help define endometrial cancer stem cells Icon word
Jones Michelle Systems Genetics Reveals the Functional Context of PCOS Loci and Identifies Genetic and Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Heterogeneity. Icon word